Now you know the two characters better, what’s your side of the Abuse coin? I told ya to hold on to your coin for a moment. Did you see your image on any side of the coin?

          Either ways, be it the Defense or Attack mode, both aren’t getting the help they need. The first one is in a hideout; a world with a fence without getting help. The second character is out in the world by himself or herself, fighting hard. He or she gets more injuries in the process and doesn’t get help too.

          But, did you notice something about the Attack mode that is quite interesting? What if this particular character didn’t only go out to fight for herself alone? What if this character went on to fight for others who were also abused? What if once beaten was a perfect motivation for her to fight for others so they do not experience what he or she went through?

          Think for a second, have you seen anyone in your community advocating for an end to rape? I guess your answer is a loud yes! If you have listened to their story, you may realize that they were either victims of rape, or escaped a rape incident. They may also have had a dear one go through the hurt of a rape incident. Now this is exactly what I’m talking about! This is the perfect Attack mode! This person didn’t only come out to fight in isolation or in vengeance, but she fought for the sake of others. He or she did that so people will not to go through what they went through. This is a breakthrough; a healing process indeed.

          Abuse is inevitable, no one can escape it. Everywhere, people will always maltreat you, likewise you to others. People will always misuse you, and speak ill to you or about you. Abuse has terrible consequences: it affects the psychological, mental and emotional make-up of a human.

          There is nothing so good to say about abuse. But we have to find a way to overcome the consequences, we have to find an escape route. We cannot escape abuse, but we can create our means of getting help. We can create our default health in cases of sudden unexpected abuse. Abuse is something that you cannot expect when it will come. Like a wind, it is everywhere you go.

          Back when we were kids, if there was a cold weather, mum would make sure we wore sweaters or pullovers. We had to prevent the cold from getting inside our bodies so we won’t be sick. Abuse can be that bad, you have to get a “Pullover”. Peradventure, you fall sick, it means you must have exposed yourself to the cold. So create that escape route soon enough! You will always know when you’ve been abused. Don’t stop at the knowing, do something about it!

          Quick advice, the first thing to overcoming abuse is your VOICE. This is something everyone has not excluding anyone. No matter whatever predicament you may be experiencing, you still have a voice, and the ability to use it! No one and nothing can take away your voice except ignorance and death. Now you know, because I have told you, so ignorance is off the list. It shouldn’t be an excuse. You can read this article because you are alive, so while you are still living, use your voice. You are without excuse!

          Did I hear someone just whisper, “What if my voice is not audible enough?” Ohh, I heard that clearly. I will advise you to find the nearest neighbour who has a microphone to amplify your voice! Well, there are some kids most especially, whose voices has been trampled beneath some ugly feet. We can be of help to one another, let’s be their voice. In fact, I am on the lookout, because I really want to be their voice.

          If you are going through any form of abuse, find your voice and start talking about the abuse. Don’t hesitate, there is always someone to listen. You cannot take up the defense mode and build a fence around you. You may stay in there for years, and no one would even know you have been behind the fence. So break that fence, come out and fight! Sometimes you fight to a point where people see that you need help. But before you fight, it is wisdom to set up your army. Choose your army first before you go into a battle.

          Dear Girl Child, and to every Woman reading this, this paragraph is specially dedicated to you. I know that we are mostly seen as victims in every society. Perhaps, also seen as warriors because our battles are many! But we will choose our fight! You are IMPORTANT AND VERY SPECIAL. Don’t let society and culture break you. Did you see that girl with the bow and arrow? Ohh! you need to scroll up and see it. You are as strong as that girl, and even stronger! No matter whatever state of abuse you have been through, we are in this together. You are my army, and we are going back into the world. No, we are not shutting out! We shall live, and live longer!

          I had to pull down the fence I built around me. It was a deliberate choice even though it wasn’t easy, but it was the right thing to do. It took me years to pull down what I took few seconds to build. Yes, it had become a stronghold, which I later learnt that I was a prisoner behind my own bars, and the freedom was in my mind. People couldn’t reach to me, and I couldn’t belong with people too. So I started to get the help I needed by projecting my voice. I knew I had a voice but I wasn’t using it.

          I found my voice in ‘Writing and Story Telling‘. Yes, that’s how I talk about the things that matter to me, or I am particularly concerned about. I do not only write and hide it in a shelf. But because I delight in what I write, so I also share it with people to whom I know they’ll also find the help they need.

          When you lit a lamp, do you put it under your bed? No! you put it on a candle stand so that it lights up the whole house {Matthew 5:15}.

          You still have that coin in your hand right? What are you going to buy with it? What will you like to trade it in for? Don’t forget, Abuse is a coin that can buy LIFE; not to mention peace, time and self-worth! But hold on, you haven’t told me what is your own side of the coin?

          I am sure this has been really helpful and you’ll like to share your thoughts. I am open to hear them, and I’m more willing to help you at being better! So don’t go away without leaving some comments. Cheers!